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Keever's Grille frustrates the *** out of me. Simple as that.

If you go to William Keever's Restaurant, their pretzels or wings are a great menu recommendation to share with a group. If you're looking for a delicious sandwich, try the Black Forest. Hands down one of my favorite meals (in the price range).

Being a Pub&Grille, you would think the staff would be accustomed to a crowd. It just seems that Keever's always struggles to keep up when demand is high. I understand that with any restaurant there are highs and lows, busy nights and dead ones.. but I've never gone on a game day (hockey) and gotten great service. On the contrary, if they are a bit slower, the service is stellar. Very eradic, sometimes great, other times terrible. I still keep going back, because the food at Keever P&G can usually make up for the inconsistency.

I know the owner, Wiliam Keever (Bill Keever), and understand that he also owns another restaurant and winery. I think he should stick to the finer dining arena.


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IM not trying to desparage Mr. Keever's good name (william keever), just had some really bad service...

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